Oh Em Gee.

I keep having the most STRESSFUL dreams ever. And it doesn’t help to have a migraine permeating them. Last night was one that I have pretty often. It’s finals week, but in some variation of high school/middle school/church camp. A teacher that taught me in middle school named Mr. Goldsworthy, (whoa, I am just realizing what an awesome last name that is!) is the one who’s final I am unprepared for. He was a really good teacher, but tough. So I am scrambling in the dream because it is made apparent to me that I have not attended one class all semester and there is no possible way I am going to do well on this math exam. It’s crazy stressful. In last night’s dream I was desperate for a calculator but all I could find were those crappy 5 dollar ones you get at Walgreens but what I really wanted was the scientific kind because those things basically do the math for you, y’know? Anyway of course I woke sweating from my eccrine  sudoriferous glands (NURSING SCHOOL WHAT WHAT) with a KILLER migraine. It was a really stressful way to wake up. I did not pack last night. I need to pack. Peace in the middle east.


80's Butt Rocker

So my new haircut has me looking like an 80’s butt rocker but that’s OK because… I’m Going to Miami!…(cue Will Smith song.) My doctor/Godsend/Miracle Worker/all that is good and powerful/ is there. It so happens to be that my brothers in-laws live there too so we’re having a little reunion where hopefully I will get some sun with the fam and good news from the new blood work.

When I first had my blood taken there in February we discovered my immune system was four times more active than average and my T-Cells were 1/4 of what they should be. So that had a little to do with the feeling that I might crumple over and die at any second. For that, the doc prescribed immunovir, an anti-viral, which put my pill-per-day number right around 20. Blood work in June showed some improvement but hopefully this next round will show even more. I’m sure everyone is at home just biting their nails at the results so I will report them in a timely fashion. You’re welcome!

Traveling really blows and I always seem to crash hard the day after I fly. (Like, stuck in bed most of the day.) Nola to Miami isn’t so long but it happened last time I made the trip, so the doctor said to drink twice as many fluids on the day of travel and eat protein. Check and check. The best part of traveling is the ginger ale you order on the plane, and the people watching. I wish it were appropriate to wear sunglasses in the airport so I could watch everyone without looking like such a creep. But I’m pretty sure I’d just look douchey with my shades on so I’ll have to pretend to read something. Reading? Ew!

I have to pack. I’m a terrible packer. Let’s see if I can get it right.

Health Happiness and Butt Rocking Hair Cuts!