The Pros and Cons to Being 27 and Living With Your Parents

Pro: Home cooked meals. Duh.

Con: They still expect you to do the dishes.

Pro: They have a waaay better cable package than you.

Con: All they do is watch Bill O’Reilly.


Pro: Free Internet!

Con: It’s dial-up.

Pro: They take your advice and get wireless internet.

Con: You’re the new live-in I.T. person.

WHY won't it SCAN.

Pro: Free Netflix!

Con: It’s always a documentary about the latest thing to give you cancer. This month? Bottled water.

Pro: The dog gets a lot more exercise here.

Con: He has tripled his caloric intake as the new garbage disposal.

Pro: You get to use land lines again.


Con: Courtesy Callers.

Pro: You don’t have to pay rent.

Con: You have to tell people you live with your parents.

Pro: TiVo!

Con: Can’t record anything, the queue is full with past episodes of The O’Reilly Factor.

Pro: You start watching a lot more Oprah.

Con: You start watching a lot more 19 Kids and Counting.

Is TiVo recording this? Make sure it's recording.

Pro: You find out your parents enjoy some of the same shows you do.

Con: There’s something uncomfortable about watching Tosh.0 with your parents.

What's He Doing Mary?

Pro: They provide a great example of what marriage should be like.

Con: I’m the only one in the house not getting laid.


**This is dedicated to my parents. My saviors. I might be under a bridge somewhere without them. And to my stepdad, who has watched waay more Say Yes To The Dress than any man ever should.


53 thoughts on “The Pros and Cons to Being 27 and Living With Your Parents

  1. I can relate. I’m 29 on the same boat as you, but I live with my mother…for now. Let’s just say her tv shows are QVC, HSN, The Golf Channel, and tennis….and watching a movie with her is excruciating…”What’s gonna happen next?” Geez ma I don’t know, just watch the friggin’ movie.


  2. Love it!!! Can SO relate! Spent 8 months living with my parents again around the same age when I was post cervical spinal surgery–C3-C7 fusion (yes, the THIRD time around on that one!!! Finally got it right after stealing bone from my hip to make it happen…my body rejected the bone from the bone bank the first 2 times…lovely. thank you…). My parents are still my saviors–though I don’t live with them anymore…they have helped so much with medical bills and moral support, prayers, etc…I’m 30 yrs. old, and it sucks to be officially “Disabled.” Though I am grateful to finally have made it through the long haul of Disability and Social Security. But it still is not really enough to get me by. But it sure does help–a ton!! I would be living with my parents otherwise. But yeah…I’d say it is utterly humiliating to have to have your mother bath you like a naked baby at 27 yrs. old…I avoided showering like the plague ’til I could do it myself again. My mom was a champ. But I was, yes, humiliated. Though it was great not to have an itchy scalp. I discovered that feeling clean is truly a luxury!


    1. Try 35 living with THREE generations of IN LAWS with your husband and TWO kids because he is sick and we were waiting for social security to approve him only took FIVE years! Great post.


  3. So… imagine THIS scenario…

    My husband (or should I say “hubby” hehehe) lived with his Grandmother until we were married & he was almost 29. He had moved in in high school when his Grandfather died & coincidentally about the same time that his Mom & Step-Dad got blessed with an unexpected pregnancy… that ended up being TWINS. He was 19 when they were born! Heh, interesting ehh? You can’t make that shit up!

    He stayed mostly because he’s a really great guy & just loves his family – but also because she spoiled him. I had NO idea he was so pampered until we were married. Which has made for some “interesting” stories to say the least. Thanks for jogging my memory that I need to write about some of that ;)

    Also… he had never even lived in the same house as a computer until he moved in with me. As someone who grew up with an uber-geek PhD from Berkeley step-Dad who would have 3 or 4 computers at the house & a nine year old brother making web-pages I still can’t fathom that concept. Haha!


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