The Pros and Cons to Being 27 and Living With Your Parents

Pro: Home cooked meals. Duh.

Con: They still expect you to do the dishes.

Pro: They have a waaay better cable package than you.

Con: All they do is watch Bill O’Reilly.


Pro: Free Internet!

Con: It’s dial-up.

Pro: They take your advice and get wireless internet.

Con: You’re the new live-in I.T. person.

WHY won't it SCAN.

Pro: Free Netflix!

Con: It’s always a documentary about the latest thing to give you cancer. This month? Bottled water.

Pro: The dog gets a lot more exercise here.

Con: He has tripled his caloric intake as the new garbage disposal.

Pro: You get to use land lines again.


Con: Courtesy Callers.

Pro: You don’t have to pay rent.

Con: You have to tell people you live with your parents.

Pro: TiVo!

Con: Can’t record anything, the queue is full with past episodes of The O’Reilly Factor.

Pro: You start watching a lot more Oprah.

Con: You start watching a lot more 19 Kids and Counting.

Is TiVo recording this? Make sure it's recording.

Pro: You find out your parents enjoy some of the same shows you do.

Con: There’s something uncomfortable about watching Tosh.0 with your parents.

What's He Doing Mary?

Pro: They provide a great example of what marriage should be like.

Con: I’m the only one in the house not getting laid.


**This is dedicated to my parents. My saviors. I might be under a bridge somewhere without them. And to my stepdad, who has watched waay more Say Yes To The Dress than any man ever should.


53 thoughts on “The Pros and Cons to Being 27 and Living With Your Parents

  1. This made me laugh and almost cry; laugh because I can relate to everything you wrote here (except in my household it was Spanish language television), and it almost made me cry because both of my parents are deceased.

    Continue cherishing them for as long as you can!


  2. Hah! As a fellow 27-year-old-living-at-home, I appreciate the trueness of this post. Sosososo true, only take out Bill O’Reilly and substitute in ‘every golf tournament in the known universe’. Seriously though, my dog is starting to look like a furry, silver porkroast. “Dad don’t give him ice cream!!!” “But he needs calcium!” and this is my life. But, like you, I’m super grateful because otherwise I’d for sure be living in a cardboard box.


  3. Omg, this is all so true. I am 24 and living with my parents. It definitely has a lot of pros, like saving money and great food, but it has it’s cons as well. Such is life!!


  4. That stillshot from Tosh literally made me laugh out loud!! Haha this is by far the best blog I have ever read. Pretty sure I picked it up on facebook because I was curious to see if I do the same things every other white girl does on FB. You’re my hero, girl. I’m telling everyone I know about this blog. Everyone.


    1. Also, I want to add I think you are an honest, hilarious, kind-hearted WARRIOR. You’re an incredibly gifted writer and I know your story will give hope and inspiration to many, many people. My thoughts are with you!


  5. Pro: Free alchohol.
    Con: No hot guys.
    (Alt) Pro: you find out your parents enjoy some of the same shows as you do.
    Con: There’s something terribly ironic and ominous when they decide to watch “You’re Cut Off!” with you.

    Hilarious!! Can’t wait to read more from a fellow fibro-fighter!


  6. This was great! For me, it’s not just Bill O’Reilly. Fox plays continuously here so I know all the programming from the morning show with Bill Hemmer and Martha MacCallum to Hannity after Bill. I even know, or can at least recognize most of the Fox news contributors.


  7. Two years ago I separated from the United States Air Force, and moved back in with my parents and little sister after 8+ years in the military. It was truly a difficult transition since I had practically lived on my own since my enlistment after graduating from High school. At the time I had some community college classes and wanted to go into Nursing. I recently graduated with my degree in Biology with a minor in chemistry and currently now in Medical school. Keep pursing your dreams and never give up, that it one day at a time and you’ll get there.

    Thanks for being a positive spirit out here for so many, while in the midst of your illness. Continue to do what you do, and I wish you the best in all your endeavours.

    I’ll continue to read your posts as it provides much needed distractions after several hours of anatomy, physiology, medical biochemistry and genetics…


  8. Thanks for another chuckle! You’re my hero!

    I think more kids are having to move back home with their parents due to financial difficulties mostly. As a parent I love my kids, but it would be difficult to have them move back home. Of course I’d never say no, but heaven help us if that happens! :)


  9. I just moved back in with my parents after living on my own for 8 years…. I definitely have mixed feelings. I’ll definitely do dishes for good meals I don’t have to cook though! Thank goodness my parents don’t watch Bill O’Reilly


  10. the tv show things are halarious…19 So hear ya there,lol…and the ‘say yes to the dress’ thing at the end had me cracking up. so cute.


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