Call Me Text Me Page Me

Wait, don’t do any of those things. I hate phones. But feel free to email me!

And here’s the FB page. I encourage you to upload photos of your feet there. Or pictures of oatmeal. Or your dog.


Aaaand due to recent peer pressure, Twitter:


48 thoughts on “Call Me Text Me Page Me

  1. I cannot describe the joy that finding your blog just brought to me! You are hysterical. As a person who has recently been diagnosed with fibromyalgia as well as chronic fatigue syndrome myself, I applaud you for finding the humor in life’s curveballs!! Glad to know I am not alone and I am not “making it up” or “over exaggerating my symptoms.” Just awesome! Thank you!


  2. I just randomly found your blog, and clicked on it simply because I love the title. I, too, have fibromyalgia. I’ve actually been having some weird symptoms lately that have been worse than I’ve had in several years, and I just needed the laughter your site title brought. :) Praying you’re feeling well today! Thanks for sharing some joy … Nalani Jones


  3. Mary,
    I will be praying for you. Though bummed to hear you’re in pain, great to hear your humor. You certainly have a way of bringing a ray of light through the clouds. I hope tomorrow is better.


  4. I have been reading your blog and i absolutely love it!! You are so funny and insightful!! U go girl!! Ive been diagnosed with fibromyalgia too, so I know how it is. Keep on trucking girlfirend and please keep writing! Loved your last post!


  5. My wife shared your blog with me a few months ago, b/c I have a fractured vertebrae, part of it missing, bulging/cut disc and a lot of pain. Your words and experience resonated with me and helped my wife better understand what I was going through… physically and mentally.
    Last week, my Dr told me that he thinks that I have fibromyalgia. I will continue to read your blog and look for any guidance from this community on how to live as healthy as possible.


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